'I can't breathe' protests heat up as curfews imposed in several U.S. citiesExclusive: Zoom plans to roll out strong encryption for paying customersChina media bristles at U.S. moves on Hong Kong over national security pushNASA resumes human spaceflight from U.S. soil with historic SpaceX launchTrump says military could respond quickly to Minneapolis unrestU.S. military units put on four-hour standby amid Minnesota unrestWith fact-checks, Twitter takes on a new kind of taskU.S. college towns on edge as coronavirus threatens football seasonIsraeli police fatally shoot Palestinian in Jerusalem: spokesmanGoogle postpones Android 11 unveiling amid U.S. protestsU.S. attorney general says outside agitators taking over anti-police protestsAmerican McKennie wears 'Justice for George' armband in Bundesliga gameEngland risks COVID-19 resurgence by ending lockdown too soon, scientific advisers sayRules apply to all, senior health official says of UK PM's adviser CummingsDivert weapons funding to research to prevent next pandemic, pope saysBritain at a very dangerous moment in the pandemic, health official saysUK COVID-19 confirmed death toll rises by 215 to 38,376EU urges U.S. to reconsider decision to cut ties with WHOTrump cutting U.S. ties with World Health Organization over virus'At last we're free': Parisians head for the park as lockdown eases

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Ask HN: Am I the longest-serving programmer – 57 years and counting?SpaceX successfully launches two humans into orbitShow HN: I made a simple PDF text editorZero-day in Sign in with AppleMaking a SNES game in 2020 using modern toolsFinding secrets by decompiling Python bytecode in public repositoriesA more efficient matching engine for HTTPS EverywhereRust: Dropping heavy things in another thread can make your code 10000x fasterShow HN: Open GIF SearchNukemapAll-electric Cessna Grand Caravan makes maiden flightThe Myers diff algorithm that is used in Git (2017)The Unix Operating System (1982) [video]Fuchsia overviewCA Root expired on 30 May 2020Show HN: Caldera – Phoenix LiveView for Node and ReactWhy Artificial Brains Need SleepShow HN: `fzf` * `Git` done rightStoneCutter: A Very High Level Instruction Set Design LanguageAsk HN: I'd like to learn vocals, any suggestion on how I can do this?My Messy Analytics BreakupWhy do C to Z80 compilers produce poor code? (2018)After 100K Covid-19 cases, it’s clearer where Californians are getting infectedDie analysis of the 8087 math coprocessor's fast bit shifterProgramming is boring artOperation of a silicon quantum processor unit cell above one kelvinHoare’s Rebuttal and Bubble Sort’s ComebackScorSer – Search System for MusiciansK9s – Manage Your Kubernetes Clusters in StyleShow HN:

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Everyone’s ordering delivery, but apps aren’t making moneyUS “terminating relationship” with World Health Organization, Trump saysBorder Patrol flies anti-terrorism drone over Minneapolis protestorsFCC Republican excitedly endorses Trump’s crackdown on social mediaBig Tech goes on pandemic M&A spree despite political backlashWhite House, Trump accounts both get Twitter rulebreaker warningTrump is desperate to punish Big Tech but has no good way to do itRussian hackers are exploiting bug that gives control of US serversA $350 “anti-5G” device is just a 128MB USB stick, teardown findsZuckerberg dismisses fact-checking after bragging about fact-checkingLeaked draft details Trump’s likely attack on technology giantsYouTube ducks questions about “error” that nixed anti-Beijing commentsBankrupt OneWeb seeks license for 48,000 satellites, even more than SpaceXTrump tweet throws House surveillance debate into chaosTwitter’s first fact-check on President Trump calls out “false claims” [Updated]House expected to vote on search and browsing privacy this weekProposed bill would ban microtargeting of political advertisementsYouTube auto-deletes comments with phrases critical of Chinese government [Updated]Scientists vs politicians: The reality check for “warp speed” vaccine researchMaking Internet service a utility—what’s the worst that could happen?


What Would The Internet Look Like If America Repeals Section 230?As Coronavirus Hospitalizations Rise in the US, Many States Hide Their DataMany Scientists Warn CDC's New Death Rate Estimates Far Too LowWestern Digital Gets Sued For Sneaking SMR Disks Into Its NAS ChannelAmazon Will No Longer Support the Echo Look, Encourages Owners To Recycle TheirsSenator Ted Cruz Calls For Criminal Investigation of TwitterJoe Biden Doesn't Like Trump's Twitter Order, But Still Wants To Revoke Section 230Twitter Flags Trump and White House Tweets About Minneapolis Protests for 'Glorifying Violence'ACLU Accuses Clearview AI of Privacy 'Nightmare Scenario'Google Sued by Arizona Over Location Data and Alleged Consumer FraudYouTube Says China-Linked Comment Deletions Weren't Caused By Outside PartiesNSA Warns of Ongoing Russian Hacking Campaign Against US SystemsTrump Signs Executive Order Targeting Protections For Social Media PlatformsAnti-Porn Filters Stop Dominic Cummings Trending On TwitterJapan Enacts High-Tech 'Super City' Bill Where AI, Big Data and Other Technologies Are Utilized To Resolve Social Problems


Immunity Passports Are a Threat to Our Privacy and Information SecurityWatch EFF Cybersecurity Director Eva Galperin's TED Talk About StalkerwareTrump Executive Order Misreads Key Law Promoting Free Expression Online and Violates the First AmendmentEFF to Court: Broadband Privacy Law Passes First Amendment MusterHow Big Tech Monopolies Distort Our Public DiscourseTwo Federal COVID-19 Privacy Bills: A Good Start and a MisstepA Plan to Pay Artists, Encourage Competition, and Promote Free ExpressionThe House Is Voting on Section 215, Again. The Bill Still Needs More ReformHearing Tuesday: EFF Urges California Lawmakers to Pass Fiber Broadband for All Bill To Ensure Full Internet Access For Everyone During the Pandemic and BeyondEFF to Appeals Court: Reverse Legal Gotchas on Ordinary Internet Activities EFF to UN Expert on Racial Discrimination: Mass Border Surveillance Hurts Vulnerable CommunitiesInternational Proposals for Warrantless Location Surveillance To Fight COVID-19 New Low for a Bad Patent: Patent Troll Sues Ventilator Company No to California Bill on Verified Credentials of COVID-19 Test ResultsCOVID-19 Patients’ Right to Privacy Against Quarantine Surveillance


The r/Privacy Working-From-Home Tips & Techniques Mega-PostHey, Readers, Do You Know Of Any Interesting Potential r/Privacy IAMA Guests? Have A Contact? Want To Make A Wish? Leave Us A Comment!Google sued by Arizona for tracking users’ locations in spite of settingsThere's so much spyware in PC game launchers. Even pirated PC games are less intrusive. How do you mitigate risks?Things are getting a little "civil unresty" here in the US, so I wrote a blog about protecting your privacy during a protestFamous video apps with 157M+ installations operating as spywareEmployer illegally spyingList of well-known web sites that port scan their visitorsBest mesh networked messaging app for if cell towers go down right now?Customs and Border Protection Is Flying a Predator Drone Over Minneapolis. The surveillance drone is flying in a circle above the city, which has broken out in protests over the police killing of George Floyd.Common places in the US that have public wifi without cameras?Any iPhone Jailbreak tweaks to enhance anonymity and privacy?What *exactly* does google do in the following case?I have a very distinctive and Googleable name, how can I have more digital privacy?Can Nation-States track cellphones with Airplane Mode/GPS disabled

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Friday Squid Blogging: Humboldt Squid CommunicationBogus Security Technology: An Anti-5G USB StickFacebook Announces Messenger Security Features that Don't Compromise PrivacyThermal Imaging as Security TheaterWebsites Conducting Port ScansBluetooth Vulnerability: BIASFriday Squid Blogging: Squid Can Edit Their Own GenomesAnn Mitchell, Bletchley Park Cryptanalyst, DiesBart Gellman on SnowdenCriminals and the Normalization of Masks

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Windows 10's Winget Package Manager gets third-party front endsList of well-known web sites that port scan their visitorsAmtrak resets user passwords after Guest Rewards data breachThe Week in Ransomware - May 29th 2020 - Quiet before the storm?Nworm: TrickBot gang’s new stealthy malware spreading moduleGoogle Chrome 84 to hide abusive notifications starting JulyValak malware steals credentials from Microsoft Exchange serversWindows 10 2004 upgrade may be blocked due to old graphics driversMicrosoft mitigates Windows 10 2004 known issue impacting DISMHighly-targeted attacks on industrial sector hide payload in images

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NSA: Fear The FutureQuestions About Light Phone IITechno-Rebellion: Tactics From Hong KongSIM Swapping Attacks? Blame Corporate GreedWeb Tracking Is Killing The Planet2019 TechTogether HackathonSpy Phone: Hands On With The Punkt MP-02The Institution Of Privacy Isn't Going AnywhereUnpacking The Carpenter v. United States DecisionWe Cannot Ignore Children In CagesNow Is The Perfect Time For An RSS RenaissanceSwitzerland's "NSA" Comes Online In Two WeeksA New Era: This Apple Core Is RottenBorder Patrol's Warrantless Searches Inside U.S.Without AES Over Port 443, VPN Is CompromisedWhy We Left MassTLC (And You Should Too)KGB Continues to Target U.S. JournalistsNet Neutrality Is Going To Die Next WeekThe Corrupted State Of Shared HostingTop Picks: Our 15 Favorite Privacy-Themed Films




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