Canada's biggest banks join boycott of Facebook platforms - ReutersLG Chem to produce Tesla batteries in South Korea this year as demand grows: source - ReutersExclusive: JPMorgan drops terms 'master,' 'slave' from internal tech code and materials - ReutersClimate battles are moving into the courtroom, and lawyers are getting creative - ReutersThrough the looking glass: South Korean 'augmented reality' mirror allows touchless cosmetics shopping - ReutersHong Kong man accused of terrorism in first use of new China security law - ReutersThe world's largest Confederate monument faces renewed calls for removal - ReutersGlobal coronavirus cases rise to more than 11 million - ReutersIran threatens retaliation after what it calls possible cyber attack on nuclear site - ReutersTesla denies reports of firing employees who chose to stay at home - ReutersKim Jong Un says North Korea prevented coronavirus from making inroads - ReutersIndia's Modi rallies troops at China border, as Beijing urges caution - ReutersPutin mocks U.S. embassy for flying rainbow flag - ReutersMexico posts record daily coronavirus tally to overtake Iran - ReutersWHO sees first results from COVID drug trials within two weeks - Reuters

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The Dying Mall’s New Lease on Life: ApartmentsGöbekli TepeNuclear ‘Power Balls’ May Make Meltdowns a Thing of the PastZettlr – FOSS markdown editor for personal knowledge management and publishingThe Millennium Falcon almost ended up looking like Space 1999's EagleTaBERT: A new model for understanding queries over tabular dataAsk HN: Recommend a maths book for a teenager?Openstreetmap, a global map for worldwide insightQuickBasic64: Basic for the Modern EraA Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy (2003) [pdf]Tell HN: Airbnb now opts in your name and photo to data sharingLessons learned from building a commercial open-source bot development platformLeonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper in a new gigapixel imageBotswana: Lab tests to solve mystery of hundreds of dead elephantsGPT-3 Creative FictionImpressive backyard engineering on an obscure YouTube channelShow HN: Dyna-Kinematics – A 2D physics simulator with some unique featuresTen Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught (1997) [pdf]Guietta – Python module to create simple GUIsShow HN: Ward – Minimalistic Server DashboardShow HN: PaperPup – Discover new articles from blogs and websites in one UIThings You Should Never Do (2000)Ask HN: HN Invaded by Mass Media?Show HN: The Book of Minecraft ModdingOn moving from statistics to machine learning, the final stage of grief (2019)Derailing illusions that kill: misperceptions at railway crossings (2003)Org-roam: Emacs org file based personal knowledge base systemGoogle-backed groups criticize Apple's new warnings on user trackingBarclays Bank Using Internet Archive as CDN for JavaScript Files?Three artists on the future of the gallery system

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Schools already struggled with cybersecurity. Then came COVID-19Commerce Inspector General says “Sharpiegate” report being blockedPolice infiltrate encrypted phones, arrest hundreds in organized crime bustHouse OKs $100B broadband plan with $50 monthly discounts for poor peopleTesla stock leaps again on unexpectedly strong delivery numbersDish buys Boost prepaid biz from T-Mobile, finally enters wireless marketSweeping climate-crisis plan would bring US to zero emissions in 30 yearsSmall ISPs “stunned” by FCC move to ban Huawei/ZTE gear during pandemicUncovered: 1,000 phrases that incorrectly trigger Alexa, Siri, and Google AssistantSupreme Court says generic domains like can be trademarkedComcast’s data cap and overage fees return tomorrow after 3-month breakCOVID-19 spread 4X faster in one Amazon warehouse than local areaDetroit police chief cops to 96-percent facial recognition error rateReddit bans pro-Trump /r/The_Donald for “rule-breaking content”Facebook will label rule violations as Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks join ad “pause”An embattled group of leakers picks up the WikiLeaks mantleFCC helps Charter avoid broadband competitionVerizon joins growing Facebook advertiser boycott [Updated]Chinese bank requires foreign firm to install app with covert backdoorThree cops fired after accidental dashcam activation captures racist rants


Google-backed Groups Criticize Apple's New Warnings on User TrackingLinkedIn Says iOS Clipboard Snooping After Every Key Press is a Bug, Will FixInside the Plot To Kill the Open Technology FundNew Free Speech Site Gets in a Tangle Over<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... Free SpeechFacebook Says 5,000 App Developers Got User Data After Cutoff DateOne Out of Every 142 Passwords is '123456'How Police Secretly Took Over a Global Phone Network for Organized CrimeNew Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It AppearsUS Secures World Stock of Key COVID-19 Drug RemdesivirUncovered: 1,000 Phrases That Incorrectly Trigger Alexa, Siri, and Google AssistantZoom Misses Its Own Deadline To Publish Its First Transparency ReportChina's Influence Via WeChat Is 'Flying Under the Radar' of Most Western DemocraciesSupreme Court Says Generic Domains Like Can Be TrademarkedNational Mask Mandate Could Save 5 Percent of GDP, Economists SayGoogle Removes 25 Android Apps Caught Stealing Facebook Credentials


EFF Files Amicus Brief Arguing Geofence Warrants Violate the Fourth AmendmentThe New EARN IT Bill Still Threatens Encryption and Free SpeechGoogle's AMP, the Canonical Web, and the Importance of Web StandardsAmazon’s Ring Enables the Over-Policing Efforts of Some of America’s Deadliest Law Enforcement Agencies Hundreds of Police Departments with Deadly Histories Partner with Amazon’s Ring Surveillance Cameras"Don't Believe Proven Liars": The Absolute Minimum Standard of Prudence in Merger ScrutinyWikileaks-Hosted "Most Wanted Leaks" Reflects the Transparency Priorities of Public ContributorsEFF to Court: Social Media Users Have Privacy and Free Speech Interests in Their Public InformationInside the Invasive, Secretive “Bossware” Tracking WorkersEFF Successfully Defends Users’ Right to Challenge Patents and Still Recover Legal Fees Tell Your Senator: Vote No on the EARN IT Act5 Serious Flaws in the New Brazilian “Fake News” Bill that Will Undermine Human Rights [UPDATED]Now Is The Time: Tell Congress to Ban Federal Use of Face Recognition Your Phone Is Vulnerable Because of 2G, But it Doesn't Have to BeEgypt's Crackdown on Free Expression Will Cost Lives


Hey, Readers, Do You Know Of Any Interesting Potential r/Privacy IAMA Guests? Have A Contact? Want To Make A Wish? Leave Us A Comment![crosspost] We are activists and techies fighting to save the Open Technology Fund. If a new Trump appointee has his way, OTF’s important work supporting tools and tech will be irreparably damaged. Ask us anything about OTF and their work to support open privacy and security tools.Tip: Reddit contents are not actually gone. They are all indexed on regularlyTurkish Government Demands Full Authority over Social Media PlatformsI “deleted” tik tokLaw enforcement arrests hundreds after compromising encrypted chat system EncroChatAmazon’s Ring Enables the Over-Policing Efforts of Some of America’s Deadliest Law Enforcement AgenciesWebsite of Berlin, the German capital, still does not comply with privacy requirements under GDPR and other laws one year after complaintsThis tech makes your online photograph difficult for Facial Recognition Software to recognizeI want to get rid of whatsapp so bad, but...The PrivacyTools.IO team have announced their PeerTube instance!The New EARN IT Bill Still Threatens Encryption and Free SpeechRant: Signal is turning into a UX disasterDDG isn't working for people in India and no one knows exactly why?Inside the Plot to Kill the Open Technology Fund - This U.S. program provides encryption technologies to journalists and activists living under repressive regimes. But a Trump appointee wants to tear it all down.

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Hacked by PoliceThe Security Value of InefficiencySecuring the International IoT Supply ChainAndroid Apps Stealing Facebook CredentialsiPhone Apps Stealing Clipboard DataFriday Squid Blogging: Fishing for Jumbo SquidThe Unintended Harms of CybersecurityAnalyzing IoT Security Best PracticesCOVID-19 Risks of FlyingCryptocurrency Pump and Dump Scams

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Try2Cry ransomware tries to worm its way to other Windows systemsThe Week in Ransomware - July 3rd 2020 - Yes, Macs need antivirusF5 patches critical BIG-IP ADC remote code execution vulnerabilityAvaddon ransomware shows that Excel 4.0 macros are still effectiveWindows 10 2004 breaks OneDrive connectivity for some usersMicrosoft Defender ATP now helps secure network devicesMalwarebytes AdwCleaner now removes malware from the command lineSurge of MongoDB ransom attacks use GDPR as extortion leverageWindows 10 background image tool can be abused to download malwareNSA releases guidance on securing IPsec Virtual Private Networks

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NSA: Fear The FutureQuestions About Light Phone IITechno-Rebellion: Tactics From Hong KongSIM Swapping Attacks? Blame Corporate GreedWeb Tracking Is Killing The Planet2019 TechTogether HackathonSpy Phone: Hands On With The Punkt MP-02The Institution Of Privacy Isn't Going AnywhereUnpacking The Carpenter v. United States DecisionWe Cannot Ignore Children In CagesNow Is The Perfect Time For An RSS RenaissanceSwitzerland's "NSA" Comes Online In Two WeeksA New Era: This Apple Core Is RottenBorder Patrol's Warrantless Searches Inside U.S.Without AES Over Port 443, VPN Is CompromisedWhy We Left MassTLC (And You Should Too)KGB Continues to Target U.S. JournalistsNet Neutrality Is Going To Die Next WeekThe Corrupted State Of Shared HostingTop Picks: Our 15 Favorite Privacy-Themed Films




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