British PM pushes for Brexit deal vote after being forced to seek delayGlobal stocks gain on hopes for progress in trade war and BrexitChina seeks $2.4 billion in sanctions against U.S. in Obama-era case: WTOChile's Pinera extends state of emergency, says 'we are at war'Chile's deadly weekend of fire as youth anger ignitesLebanon set to cut ministers' pay as protests engulf countryLebanon's Aoun: protests show 'people's pain', corruption charges not all fairHong Kong leader apologizes for mosque incident after day of violenceUK PM Johnson on right side of the law over Brexit delay letter: lawyerU.S. troops cross into Iraq as part of withdrawal from SyriaPentagon chief in Afghanistan as U.S. looks to kickstart Taliban talksU.S. House speaker Pelosi makes unannounced visit to AfghanistanTornado ravages north Dallas, leaving thousands without powerU.S. troops cross into Iraq from SyriaNorthern Irish DUP lawmaker: we shall not support EU customs union proposalRich Chinese outnumber wealthy Americans for first time: Credit SuisseIran rejects Turkey's establishing of military posts in Syria: TVChina's defence minister says resolving 'Taiwan question' is national priorityKurdish-led forces say they have pulled out of Syria border townA quiet exit for Draghi? Five questions for the ECB

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63 Cores Blocked by Seven InstructionsFantasy console on a consoleTo hire neurodiverse workers, one firm got rid of job interviewsClient-side web programming in Haskell: A retrospectiveAsk HN: How do you share/organize knowledge at work and life?The Grove 8 – Growing Trees in BlenderAn on-going conversion of Scoopex's Amiga Hardware coding tutorials into CSouth Korea's smartphone addiction campsWe Don't Want to Run This Ad but Forced ToShow HN: Nginx Image with HTTP/3 (QUIC), TLS1.3 with 0-RTT, BrotliMemex: Browser Extension to full-text search your browsing history and bookmarksShow HN: Eole, a Lévy-optimal lambda calculus evaluator written in RustInternet Exchange MapThe Big Interception Flaw in the US-UK Cloud Act AgreementWhy New Technology Is a Hard SellAustralia Newspapers Redact Front Pages in Media-Freedom ProtestGit Internals, Techniques, and Rewriting HistoryThe 100:10:1 method: my approach to open source (2015)DNS over HTTPS–What Is It and Why Do People Care? [pdf]Doctor T, don’t you get tired of only seeing older patients?Photographing Big Waves at MavericksFireEye confirms APT41 hacked TeamViewer, may have accessed billions of devicesPlanetary 'autopsies' indicate worlds like Earth common in the cosmosLessons from the first fully automated hotelOde to skimming: On reading and our attention spansUK govt considering facial recognition to verify age of online usersJohn Chambers and a star team of ex-Cisco engineers launched Pensando SystemsF# RISC-V Instruction Set Formal Specification38 People are looking at this post right nowSampling and Measuring Generators: Tutorial

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Accessibility, the future, and why Domino’s mattersZuckerberg doubles down on free speech—the Facebook wayFrontier gets away with “paltry” settlement after breaking 35 laws and rulesSenators propose near-total ban on worker noncompete agreementsPrivacy bill would give FTC actual authority, land lying executives in jailAfter flooding US with opioids, industry giants offer $50 billion settlementFeds bust massive child porn sharing site—hundreds of users arrestedT-Mobile and Sprint get FCC approval to merge in 3-2 party-line voteEU orders Broadcom to halt exclusivity deals while investigation deepensUK porn blacklist is dead after government abandons age verificationUS claims cyber strike on Iran after attack on Saudi oil facilityMan agrees to pay $25,000 for abusing YouTube’s takedown systemBringing in the big gun: Army paves way for “strategic cannon”Washington State keeps enforcing net neutrality as it hails FCC court lossData for a whopping 26 million stolen payment cards leaked in hack of fraud bazaarFacebook launches Libra Association—and says 180 companies could joinJudge grants mega-rich Sackler family reprieve from legal costs of opioid crisisUber lays off another 350 workers amid ongoing lossesAT&T charged customers for a corporate tax that it doesn’t have to paySikorsky makes its bid for Army’s next scout copter


Privacy-Respecting Smart Home System Can Work Offline and Sends Fake DataMercedes-Benz App Glitch Exposed Car Owners' Information To Other UsersIs Andrew Yang Wrong About Robots Taking Our Jobs?'How Andrew Yang Would Fix The Internet'Australia's Buggy Automated System Suspended 1 Million Welfare Payments This YearGoogle Criticized After Voice From 'Nest' Camera Threatens to Steal BabyRussian Cyber-Espionage Group Controlled Its Malware Partly Through Reddit PostsBlizzard Criticized By Bipartisan Group of US Lawmakers (Including Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)Would You Trust Amazon To Run Free and Fair Elections?The Most Important Right-To-Repair Hearing Yet Is On MondayNew Bill Promises an End To Our Privacy Nightmare, Jail Time To CEOs Who LieSenators Propose Near-Total Ban On Worker Noncompete AgreementsBerkeley City Council Unanimously Votes To Ban Face RecognitionChina's Helicopter Prototype Looks Like a UFOGoogle Ejects Open-Source WireGuard From Play Store Over Donation Links


Tell HUD: Algorithms Shouldn't Be an Excuse to DiscriminateMassachusetts: Tell Your Lawmakers to Press Pause on Government Face SurveillanceWhy Fiber is Vastly Superior to Cable and 5GEFF Urges Congress Not to Dismantle Section 230Victory! Berkeley City Council Unanimously Votes to Ban Face Recognition ¿Quién Defiende Tus Datos?: Four Years Setting The Bar for Privacy Protections in Latin America and SpainEFF Defends Section 230 in CongressCongressional Hearing Wednesday: EFF Will Urge Lawmakers to Protect Important Internet Free Speech LawHearing Thursday: EFF’s Rainey Reitman Will Urge California Lawmakers to Balance Needs of Consumers In Developing Cryptocurrency RegulationsToday: Tell Congress Not to Pass Another Bad Copyright LawOne Weird Law That Interferes With Security Research, Remix Culture, and Even Car RepairSecret Court Rules That the FBI’s “Backdoor Searches” of Americans Violated the Fourth Amendment EFF to Court: Parody Book Combining Dr. Seuss and Star Trek Themes Is Fair UseChina’s Global Reach: Surveillance and Censorship Beyond the Great FirewallTwitter "Unintentionally" Used Your Phone Number for Targeted Advertising


Looking for your input for Domestic Violence Awareness MonthStartpage is now owned by an advertising companyNew privacy bill could send Mark Zuckerberg to jailRenata Ávila: "The Internet of creation disappeared. Now we have the Internet of surveillance and control”Remember to remove EXIF metadata from all pictures you post online.Beijing exports 'China-style' internet across Belt and RoadTwitter does not show results of videos or photos of the protests in Chile.I will be interviewing founder of Mozilla Europe and current CEO of Qwant Tristan Nitot - feel free to post your question you want me to ask himRight now go to reddit preferences and untick "allow reddit to log my outbound clicks for personalization" (under privacy options)Discord is scarier than Skype when it comes to privacyLibreOffice Vs OnlyOffice (from privacy side)Will Canada weaken encryption with backdoors?Facebook isn’t free speech, it’s algorithmic amplification optimized for outrageImproving my privacy on reddit?Phone administrators

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Friday Squid Blogging: Six-Foot-Long Mass of Squid Eggs Found on Great Barrier ReefWhy Technologists Need to Get Involved in Public PolicyAdding a Hardware Backdoor to a Networked ComputerUsing Machine Learning to Detect IP HijackingCracking the Passwords of Early Internet PioneersFactoring 2048-bit Numbers Using 20 Million QubitsFriday Squid Blogging: Apple Fixes Squid EmojiI Have a New Book: We Have RootDetails on Uzbekistan Government Malware: SandCatNew Reductor Nation-State Malware Compromises TLS

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How to Update Windows 10 Drivers ManuallyHackers Backdoor Sites by Hiding Fake WordPress PluginsMaze Ransomware Now Delivered by Spelevo Exploit KitMicrosoft 365 Authentication Outage, Users Unable to LoginSTOP Ransomware Decryptor Released for 148 VariantsREvil Ransomware Affiliates Partner with Corporate IntrudersWindows 10 KB4520062 Update May Break Microsoft Defender ATPMalicious Tor Browser Steals Cryptocurrency from Darknet Market UsersFake WordPress Plugin Comes with Cryptocurrency Mining Function500+ Million UC Browser Android Users Exposed to MiTM Attacks. Again.

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NSA: Fear The FutureQuestions About Light Phone IITechno-Rebellion: Tactics From Hong KongSIM Swapping Attacks? Blame Corporate GreedWeb Tracking Is Killing The Planet2019 TechTogether HackathonSpy Phone: Hands On With The Punkt MP-02The Institution Of Privacy Isn't Going AnywhereUnpacking The Carpenter v. United States DecisionWe Cannot Ignore Children In CagesNow Is The Perfect Time For An RSS RenaissanceSwitzerland's "NSA" Comes Online In Two WeeksA New Era: This Apple Core Is RottenBorder Patrol's Warrantless Searches Inside U.S.Without AES Over Port 443, VPN Is CompromisedWhy We Left MassTLC (And You Should Too)KGB Continues to Target U.S. JournalistsNet Neutrality Is Going To Die Next WeekThe Corrupted State Of Shared HostingTop Picks: Our 15 Favorite Privacy-Themed Films




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